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About Direction maker

We Started Direction maker in 2015 Developed By Mubeen Rajput in which we were providing  Quality of Information Related to Computer and How to Fix Problems They Are Facing but unfortunately After Almost 2 Years We have to Shut it Down Due to Personal Reasons.

Then in September 2016 Started Own YouTube Channel named Direction maker And Still We Providing People With Quality of Education Related to IT Which Helps them to Stand in the Market.

Now We are Back and Better then ever. Here You Can Get Everything You Need. A Platform for All Type of Audience.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Make Direction maker a Brand.

Provide Awareness to the Latest Technologies in Pakistan.

Providing Helpful and Pure Material of Education to Student.



Educational Material

Computer Problem Solutions




Paid and Free Professional Courses

Technical Talks

and Many More..

Admin Direction maker  Meet Admin

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